We want to make sure that while everyone in our rugby community is looking after their physical fitness, that they are spending time on looking after their mental fitness too.1 in 5 Kiwis experience some form of stress, anxiety or depression, so Mind Set Engage was created by New Zealand Rugby to get the rugby community talking and help our people notice the signs, as well as learn some tactics for working on their mental fitness.

Interested in wellbeing, but not sure where to start?
Mind Set Engage is New Zealand Rugby’s free Mental Health and Wellbeing programme.
Designed to educate and support players, coaches, support staff and the wider rugby community.

Delivered in a face to face workshop, Mind Set Engage aims to:

  • Assist in creating environments within community rugby that support positive mental health attitudes and behaviours.
  • Improve mental health literacy within clubs ie. how to look after your mental fitness, signs and symptoms of distress and where to seek support.
  • Support clubs to promote stigma reduction around mental health challenges and to develop a game plan around wellbeing.

For more info please contact:
Scott Day  Community Rugby Manager 
027 2815270 – scott@tvrfu.co.nz