Year 4

Thames Valley Junior Rugby Competition YEAR 4

Saturday 4th May: ROUND 1

Date: Home Team   Away Team Venue: Time:
04/05/24 Waihi Black vs Thames Waihi 10.00am start
04/05/24 Hauraki Plains vs Paeroa White Ngatea 10.00am start
04/05/24 Tairua vs Waihi Red Tairua 10.00am start
04/05/24 Whangamata vs Paeroa Green Whangamata 10.00am start
04/05/24 Te Aroha vs BYE    

Saturday 11th May: ROUND 2

11/05/24 Paeroa White vs Waihi Black Paeroa 10.00am start
11/05/24 Thames vs Tairua Thames 10.00am start
11/05/24 Te Aroha vs Hauraki Plains Te Aroha 10.00am start
11/05/24 Paeroa Green vs Waihi Red Paeroa 10.00am start
11/05/24 Whangamata vs BYE    

Saturday 18th May: ROUND 3 and 4 (Festival Day – Thames)

18/05/24 Waihi Black vs Tairua Thames 10.00am start
18/05/24 Paeroa White vs Te Aroha Thames 10.00am start
18/05/24 Thames vs Paeroa Green Thames 10.00am start
18/05/24 Hauraki Plains vs Whangamata Thames 10.00am start
18/05/24 Waihi Red vs BYE    
18/05/24 Waihi Black vs Paeroa Green Thames 11.20am start
18/05/24 Te Aroha vs Whangamata Thames 11.20am start
18/05/24 Thames vs Hauraki Plains Thames 11.20am start
18/05/24 Paeroa White vs Waihi red Thames 11.20am start
18/05/24 Tairua vs BYE    

Saturday 25th May: ROUND 5

25/05/24 Te Aroha vs Waihi Black Te Aroha 10.00am start
25/05/24 Paeroa Green vs Tairua Paeroa 10.00am start
25/05/24 Paeroa White vs Whangamata Paeroa 10.00am start
25/05/24 Waihi Red vs Hauraki Plains Thames 10.00am start
25/05/24 Thames vs BYE    

Saturday 8th June: ROUND 6 and 7 (Festival Day – Ngatea)

08/06/24 Waihi Red vs Waihi Black Ngatea 10.00am start
08/06/24 Thames vs Whangamata Ngatea 10.00am start
08/06/24 Paeroa White vs Paeroa Green Ngatea 10.00am start
08/06/24 Tairua vs Te Aroha   Ngatea 10.00am start
08/06/24 Hauraki Plains vs BYE    
08/06/24 Whangamata vs Waihi Black Ngatea 11.20am start
08/06/24 Waihi Red vs Te Aroha Ngatea 11.20am start
08/06/24 Hauraki Plains vs Tairua Ngatea 11.20am start
08/06/24 Thames vs Paeroa White Ngatea 11.20am start
08/06/24 Paeroa Green vs BYE    

Saturday 15th June: ROUND 8

15/06/24 Waihi Red vs Whangamata Waihi 10.00am start
15/06/24 Hauraki Plains vs Paeroa Green   Ngatea 10.00am start
15/06/24 Te Aroha vs Thames Te Aroha 10.00am start
15/06/24 Tairua vs Paeroa White Tairua 10.00am start
15/06/24 Waihi Black vs BYE    

Saturday 22nd June: ROUND 9

22/06/24 Waihi Black vs Hauraki Plains Waihi 10.00am start
22/06/24 Thames vs Waihi Red Thames 10.00am start
22/06/24 Whangamata vs Tairua Whangamata 10.00am start
22/06/24 Paeroa Green vs Te Aroha   Paeroa 10.00am start
22/06/24 Paeroa White vs BYE    

Saturday 29th June: SEMI-FINALS

Saturday 6th July: FINALS – Ngatea


  • ALL teams will play Eight competition Including two double days. All of the games will be worth competition points.
  • Games can be adjusted re Day & Kick off times but must be communicated to the TVRFU office in a week’s advance.