Senior B – Senior C


Saturday 8th June: ROUND 1

08/06/24 Waihou 15.v.11 Whangamata  Te Aroha Result
08/06/24 Coromandel 16.v.10 COBRAS Coromandel Result
08/06/24 BYE Waihi Athletic

Saturday 15th June: ROUND 2

15/06/24 COBRAS vs Waihou Te Aroha 12.20pm Start
15/06/24 Whangamata vs Waihi Athletic Whangamata 12.25pm Start
15/06/24 Coromandel BYE

Saturday 22nd June: ROUND 3

22/06/24 Waihi Athletic vs Waihou Clubs to sort 12.25pm Start
22/06/24 Whangamata vs Coromandel Whangamata 12.25pm Start
22/06/24 COBRAS BYE

Saturday 29th June:  ROUND 4

29/06/24 Coromandel vs Waihi Athletic Coromandel 2.00pm Start
29/06/24 COBRAS vs Whangamata Te Aroha 12.25pm Start
29/06/24 Waihou BYE

Saturday 6th July: ROUND 5

06/07/24 Waihou vs Coromandel Te Aroha 12.25pm Start
06/07/24 Athletic vs COBRAS Waihi 12.25pm Start
06/07/24 Whangamata BYE

Saturday 13th July: FINAL (1 v 2) @ TE AROHA



Saturday 8th June:  NO RUGBY

Saturday 15th June: ROUND 1

15/06/24 Hauraki North vs Mercury Bay Waitakaruru 12.25pm Start
15/06/24 Thames vs Ngatea Thames 12.25pm Start

Saturday 22nd June: ROUND 2

22/06/24 Ngatea vs Hauraki North Ngatea 12.25pm Start
22/06/24 Mercury Bay vs Thames Whitianga 12.25pm Start

Saturday 29th June:  ROUND 3

29/06/24 Hauraki.North vs Thames Waitakaruru 12.25pm Start
29/06/24 Ngatea vs Mercury Bay Ngatea 12.25pm Start

Saturday 6th July: SEMI FINALS

06/07/24 1ST vs 4TH 12.25pm Start
06/07/24 2ND vs 3RD 12.25pm Start


The HG Leach & Co. Ltd Senior B Draw for 2024 is now confirmed 🔥

Format Information ℹ️
• ALL teams will play eight competition matches.
• Each team will have four home & four away matches.
• At the conclusion of this round the top team will be awarded the Elders Cup.
•At the conclusion of this round the top five teams will play for the Senior B Championship (Lawrence Memorial Cup) and the bottom four teams will for the Senior C Championship (McDonald Cup).

The TVRU would like to take this opportunity to thank the Clubs for confirming the draw format. Bring it on! 🫡


Saturday 6th April: ROUND 1
Date: Home: vs Away: Venue: Time:
6/04/2024 Hauraki North 07.v.22 Waihi.Athletic Waitakaruru RESULT
6/04/2024 COBRAS 50.v.12 Mercury Bay Te Aroha RESULT
6/04/2024 Waihou 20.v.19 Thames Te Aroha RESULT
6/04/2024 Whangamata 15.v.27 Coromandel Whangamata RESULT
6/04/2024 Ngatea BYE

Saturday 13th April: ROUND 2
Date: Home: vs Away: Venue: Time:
13/04/2024 Thames 21.v.27 Whangamata Thames RESULT
13/04/2024 Waihi Athletic 35.v.24 COBRAS Waihi RESULT
13/04/2024 Mercury Bay 12.v.08 Ngatea Whitianga RESULT
13/04/2024 Coromandel 53.v.00 Hauraki.North Coromandel RESULT
13/04/2024 Waihou BYE
Saturday 20th April: ROUND 3
Date: Home: vs Away: Venue: Time:
20/04/2024 Waihi Athletic 28.v.25 Waihou Waihi RESULT
20/04/2024 Thames 12.v.49 Coromandel Thames RESULT
20/04/2024 Whangamata 13.v.12 Mercury Bay Whangamata RESULT
20/04/2024 Hauraki.North 3.v.3 Ngatea Waitakaruru RESULT
20/04/2024 COBRAS BYE

Saturday 27th April:  ROUND 4
Date: Home: vs Away: Venue: Time:
27/04/2024 Coromandel 39 v 10 Waihou Coromandel RESULT
27/04/2024 Waihi Athletic 25 v 23 Whangamata Waihi RESULT
27/04/2024 Mercury Bay 27 v 29 Hauraki North Whitianga RESULT
27/04/2024 Ngatea 17 v 27 COBRAS Ngatea RESULT
27/04/2024 Thames BYE

Saturday 4th May: ROUND 5
Date: Home: vs Away: Venue: Time:
4/05/2024 Whangamata 10 v 46 COBRAS Whangamata RESULT
4/05/2024 Waihou 31 v 20 Ngatea Te Aroha RESULT
4/05/2024 Thames (WBD) 28.vs.00 Mercury Bay (LBD) Thames Default
4/05/2024 Coromandel 56 v 00 Waihi Athletic Coromandel RESULT
4/05/2024 Hauraki North BYE
Mercury Bay have defaulted their Senior B Fixture vs Thames Senior B’s, due to be played at Rhodes Park in Thames this Saturday 4th May.  The result of this means Thames will win the fixture 28-0 and receive 5 competition points. 

Saturday 11th May: ROUND 6
Date: Home: vs Away: Venue: Time:
11/05/2024 Mercury Bay 41 v 07 Waihou Whitianga Result
11/05/2024 COBRAS 50 v 21 Hauraki North Te Aroha Result
11/05/2024 Ngatea 12 v 31 Whangamata Ngatea Result
11/05/2024 Waihi Athletic 28 v 19 Thames Waihi Result
11/05/2024 Coromandel BYE

Saturday 18th May: ROUND 7
Date: Home: vs Away: Venue: Time:
18/05/2024 Waihi Athletic 44 v 14 Mercury Bay Waihi Result
18/05/2024 Thames 20 v 36 COBRAS Thames Result
18/05/2024 Coromandel 29 v 13 Ngatea Coromandel Result
18/05/2024 Waihou 26 v 17 Hauraki North Te Aroha Result
18/05/2024 Whangamata BYE

Saturday 25th May: ROUND 8
Date: Home: vs Away: Venue: Time:
25/05/2024 COBRAS 28 v 12 Waihou Te Aroha Result
25/05/2024 Hauraki North 10 v 05 Whangamata Waitakaruru Result
25/05/2024 Ngatea 36 v 17 Thames Ngatea Result
25/05/2024 Mercury Bay 07 v 50 Coromandel Whitianga Result
25/05/2024 Waihi Athletic BYE

Saturday 1st June: ROUND 9 (Kings Birthday)
Date: Home: vs Away: Venue: Time:
1/06/2024 COBRAS 34 v 17 Coromandel Te Aroha Result
1/06/2024 Hauraki North (LBD) 28.v.00 Thames (WBD) Waitakaruru Default
1/06/2024 Whangamata 69 v 00 Waihou Whangamata Result
1/06/2024 Ngatea 05 v 28 Waihi.Athletic Ngatea Result
1/06/2024 Mercury Bay BYE

· ALL teams will play Eight competition matches. Four home & Four away
· Games can be adjusted re Day & Kick off times but must be communicated to the TVRFU office in a week’s advance.
·  At the conclusion of this Round the top team will be awarded the Elders Cup.
·  At the conclusion of this Round the Top Five teams will be split into a Five team competition called the SENIOR B GRADE and the bottom four teams will for the SENIOR C GRADE.

4 Premier clubs are matched to their Senior B team 4 times, 1 Premier club 3 times and 2 Premier clubs only twice (we can make an effort when the 2nd round draws done to improve things for those two clubs (Waihou & North).
To note is their is only 7 weeks (even though the Senior B comp is 9 weeks long) to match Premier A & Senior B teams together (one week we have no Premier A rugby & we have 2 Premier split rounds as well).
So when you account for the BYE & two clubs that do not have Premier A teams we are pretty close.
23 times Premier A & Senior B are matched up at same venue – out of a possible 41 opportunities.  9 into 7 is very difficult so for half our clubs to be together half the time is pretty good.