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After final confirmation of the number of 4th grade teams please see Links below for the draws for the 2018 Secondary Schools Competition.

Some foot notes to this season:

1st XV

  • Due to the involvement of HPC in the Chiefs trophy they will not contest the first round.
  • At the recent meeting of the TV Sec Schools rugby management board the proposal was put forward that the bye team in the first round will play the bye team from the development grade in a non competition game to give everyone some more rugby in the long term. It was discussed that the 1st XV team will play their extended squads / younger players in these games to have a more even contest
  • There are some ‘traditional’ fixtures scheduled – these are where the 1st XV’s play on a Thursday afternoon at the school during school time to try and create a lot more interest in the game (the idea is that the school could hopefully be released to watch). This of course must have the consent of the school. the dates of these are: 31st May, 5th July and 26th July.
  • Points go back to zero after the first round.
  • The provincial shield is up for grabs on all games – home and away – during all round robin games. It is not played for in semis and finals.

Development Grade

  • 3 teams only – as mentioned above – the bye team will play the bye team from the 1st XV during the first round – these games have been highlighted in yellow.
  • the Max Stanfield Challenge Shield is on all games – home and away – during the round robin games – it is not played for in the final.
  • 1 v 2 final on the 11th August.

4th Grade

  • 7 teams with the first round being a ‘managed draw’ whereby not everyone plays everyone but all teams play 4 games.
  • 2nd round everyone plays everyone where the venues against teams you did play in the first round are reversed.
  • the one exception to this is Waihi v Paeroa whereby paeroa unfortunately have to travel to Waihi twice to play – this was the best fit and the only way it would work.
  • ALL teams get an even number of home and away games throughout the 2 rounds.
  • 2 x midweek games are required – 1 in the first round and 1 in the second round.
  • Peninsula have requested a couple of games in Coromandel due to the split in players from both Coromandel and Whitianga.
  • Points go back to zero after the first round
  • The Ted Engebretsen shield is on all games – home and away – during the round robin games. it is not played for during the semis or final.

Other notes:

Referee Shortage – if you have an associate referee in your mix then your best bet is to try and get these people involved in refereeing the development or 4th Grade. there aren’t enough in the TVRRA at the moment to cover all games. We will get a list of current associate referees through to you.

Bill Cooksley
Thames Valley Rugby Football Union Rugby Development Officer

The Draws for 2018

1ST XV Grade Draw 2018

4th Grade Draw 2018

Development Grade Draw – 2018

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