Thames Valley Colleges and High Schools

  • Coromandel Area School
  • Hauraki Plains College
  • Mercury Bay Area School
  • Paeroa College
  • Te Aroha College
  • Thames High School
  • Waihi College
  • Whangamata Area School

Grades and Weights
The grades, ages and weights for the Thames Valley Secondary Schools Competition are listed below.

All ages are as at the 1st January 2017.

1st & 2nd XV
Open Weights

2nd Grade
Under 17 Open Weight

4th Grade
Under 14 Open Weight
14 years 65kgs and under

Girls 1st XV
Open Weight bona-fide college players

Note:  Any Year 9 students that are weight and age eligible to play in the Under 13’s Youth Rugby must first obtain written permission from their respective Principal to do so.