Weigh In Procedure

• All teams need to be on time. Anyone arriving late will have to wait until after all the other teams are weighed in before completing their weigh in.
• Each team to be accompanied by 2 Adults only during the weigh in process (Team Manager plus one other adult).
• The players are to line up in order as they appear on the team sheets – Team Manager or helper to assist with this.
• Each player will then be asked to step forward and stand on the scales. If they need to remove clothing for the weigh in this is to be done prior to them stepping forward.
• The team manager will be present by the scales as a witness to the weight.
• If the player then weighs out – they will be given a maximum time of 30 minutes to go away and do whatever they have to do before having a second opportunity to weigh in. If the player weighs out at this second opportunity they will either be put into a Fleming Shield team (if they are a Shaw Cup Player) or not allowed to participate.
• The weights will be recorded by a member of the weigh in committee on the team sheets. This will be the official weight for the entire tournament.
• The weigh in committee’s decisions are final

Shaw Cup Points Table 2018
Played Won Lost Draw Points Bonus Total
Thames 6 6 0 0 24 6 30
Waihi 6 5 1 0 20 6 26
Peninsula 6 4 2 0 16 3 19
Hauraki Plains 6 2 4 0 8 3 11
Whangamata 6 2 4 0 8 3 11
Paeroa 6 1 5 0 4 3 7
Te Aroha 6 1 5 0 4 3 7
SHAW  CUP 2018
Day 1  Sunday 29th July – Ngatea
Round 1 10:30 AM
Hauraki Plains 05 v 29 Waihi
Paeroa 12 v 38 Peninsula
Te Aroha 17 v 36 Whangamata
Thames BYE
Round 2 12:30 PM
Te Aroha 12 v 29 Waihi
Paeroa 24 v 29 Hauraki Plains
Thames ..32.v.05.. Peninsula
Whangamata BYE

Day 2 Saturday 4th August -Whitianga
Round 3
Waihi 36 v 12 Paeroa
Peninsula 31 v 00 Te Aroha
Whangamata 05 v 22 Thames
Hauraki Plains BYE
Round 4 12 noon
Waihi 34 v 14 Peninsula
Hauraki Plains 43 v 12 Whangamata
Paeroa 07 v 86 Thames
Te Aroha BYE

Round 5 – Wednesday 8th August
Whangamata 00 v 46 Waihi
Thames 22 v 10 Hauraki Plains
Paeroa 25 v 20 Te Aroha
Peninsula BYE

Day 3  Sunday 12th August – Te Aroha
Round 6 10:00 AM
Waihi 22 v 31 Thames
Hauraki Plains 22 v 30 Te Aroha
Peninsula 12 v 10 Whangamata
Paeroa BYE
Round 7
Peninsula 24 v 10 Hauraki Plains
Whangamata 31 v 19 Paeroa
Thames 38 v 17 Te Aroha
Waihi BYE

Game Points – Shaw Cup


Four points for a win

Two points for a draw

One point for a loss of seven or less between the winning and losing score.  No points if loss is eight or more.

There will be a bonus point for any team who scores 4 tries or more in a match.

Count Back Order

If teams have the same number of points at the end of section play the following steps will be taken.

  1. Greatest number of points scored FOR in section play.
  2. Least number of points scored AGAINST in section play.
  3. Use the result of the game played in section play.

If STILL EQUAL (ie a draw in section play)

  1. A coin will be tossed to find the seedings.

FINALS: If there is a draw in the final, after 2×25 minute halves, the trophies are shared and certificates will be given to both teams.