U9’s Draw 2017

Competition Format:

  • 8 teams
  • 1 x full round (everyone play everyone)
  • Spilt into top 4 / bottom 4
  • Top 4 play for the Bill Hayward Cup
  • Bottom 4 play for the Barry Priest Cup
  • No Rugby Queens Birthday weekend or first weekend of July school holidays (8th July)
  • Semi’s 5th August – Finals 12th August

All games are scheduled to start at 10am – however by mutual arrangement times and venues may be changed.  Please advise Referee and Union office immediately if changed.

U9’s 2017 Draw
Saturday 8th April
Whangamata 00.v.35 Waihi  Black @ Whangamata
Thames 50.v.25 Tairua @ Thames
Te Aroha 05.v.30 Paeroa @ Te Aroha
Waihi Red 05.v.40 Hauraki Plains @ Waihi
Saturday 6th May
Waihi Black 40.v.05 Thames @ Waihi
Tairua 30.v.65 Te Aroha @ Tairua
Paeroa 50.v.20 Waihi Red @ Paeroa
Hauraki Plains 45.v.10 Whangamata @ Ngatea
Saturday 13th May
Te Aroha 70.v.35 Waihi Black @ Te Aroha
Thames 60.v.25 Whangamata @ Thames
Waihi Red 40.v.40 Tairua @ Waihi
Paeroa 45.v.25 Hauraki Plains @ Paeroa
Saturday 20th May
Waihi Black 55.v.20 Waihi Red @ Waihi
Whangamata 35.v.70 Te Aroha @ Whangamata
Tairua 25.v.60 Paeroa @ Tairua
Hauraki Plains 35.v.30 Thames @ Ngatea
Saturday 27th May
Paeroa vs Waihi Black @ Paeroa
Waihi Red vs Whangamata @ Waihi
Te Aroha vs Thames @ Te Aroha
Tairua vs Hauraki Plains @ Tairua
Saturday 3rd June
 – No Rugby – Queens Birthday Weekend
Saturday 10th June
Waihi Black vs Tairua @ Waihi
Whangamata vs Paeroa @ Whangamata
Thames vs Waihi Red @ Thames
Hauraki Plains vs Te Aroha @ Ngatea
Saturday 17th June
Tairua vs Hauraki Plains @ Tairua
Paeroa vs Thames @ Paeroa
Waihi Red vs Te Aroha @ Waihi
Hauraki Plains vs Waihi Black @ Ngatea
Saturday 24th June  – Top 4 / Bottom 4 Split Round 1 – Draw TBC
Saturday 1st July – Top 4 / Bottom 5 Split
Draw TBC
SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 8th, 15th and 22nd July – NO RUGBY  –
Saturday 29th July
Draw TBC
Saturday 5th August Top 4 Semi-Finals
Saturday 12th August – Final Day

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